Ever wanted to meet your true love?


The divorce rate would not be anywhere near what it is (67% for marriages in the US after 1990) if everyone used IHS-Biorhythm BEFORE THEY STARTED DATING.


Is this the love of your life? Are the two of you compatible enough to have a good marriage? OR....what is missing to keep you from being happy together?

You can get an In-Depth Compatibility Report for only $20.00. (An astrologer would charge you $45.00 to $95.00 for a report as personal as THIS report.) With this in-depth report you get a bonus! You can ask one question about this relationship and Irene will personally answer your question.

For your information, these are NOT computer printouts! Irene does each report herself, the old-fashioned way (no computers involved), at her home. Then she personally mails your report to you.

IHS-Biorhythm is not astrology, and it works better than astrology. IHS-Biorhythm reports are more specific and easier to understand. Even so, they cost less than those generic computer generated astrology reports. They SHOULD cost MORE, but Irene very much wants everybody to be able to afford a compatibility report so people will only date people they are compatible with. ”Let’s put an end to unhappy marriages. Lets start having happy, successful marriages!”

NOTE: You may, of course receive a report that tells you “Don’t marry this one.” and marry that person anyway. BUT, when you have Irene’s report, you can know ahead of time what to expect (the good and the bad).

Irene hopes she will be sending YOU a “Yes! Yes! Yes! Marry this one!” report, not a “Don’t marry this one.” report, but she will send you a truthful one either way.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Compatibility reports also are valuable tools to help you understand father/daughter, father/son, mother/daughter and mother/son relationships. ALSO: Don't go into business with someone without first checking if you are compatible with your potential partner. Irene can also warn you if he/she is a con artist! Wouldn't you like to know that before you agree to a partnership?!!!

Who is Irene?

Irene Hamlen Stephenson is listed in “Who’s Who of American Women,” Who’s Who in Finance & Industry” and “Who’s Who in the West.” For more than twenty years she has published the MiniExaminer newsletter (IHS-Biorhythm information about people in the news, published 26 times a year) and created compatibility reports (check out the testimonials).

It was back in 1973 when Irene discovered there was a character analysis and compatibility aspect to biorhythm. She has devoted her life to this research ever since and NOW, she can tell you with amazing accuracy, and in very specific detail, what IHS-Biorhythm says about you, about that someone else in your life, and about your compatibility or lack of compatibility with that person.

Your report will cover three areas: Physical Compatibility (Confidence, Stamina, Sex Drive), Emotional Compatibility (Love), and Mental Compatibility (Logic, Thinking, The Way One Hears Things).

Don’t date anyone without getting an IHS-Biorhythm compatibility report first.

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